pimp your T-shirt


2 days of graphical exercises ending up on your own T-shirt.

Even if you can't draw, you're an artist!

2 days of fun doing collage, printing on paper or fabric, in bright colors.

Design your logo, image and tell your visual story. 

We'll use several screen printing techniques and cyanotypie as a way of transferring images on fabric. 


an insurance for workshops ( so we're safe)

Corona measures


Bring your own t-shirts, pillows, tote bags or socks, and you'll personalise them with your own work.  

Bring your pictures, on phone or memory card and you'll transfer them to your preferred medium.


14-18 yo teenagers 


Thursday and Friday

15 and 16 April

10 am - 5 pm



Our studio Der Neue Grizzley

Avenue des Alouettes 41

1150 Woluwe Saint Pierre

easily reachable by bike, bus and metro.