The Streets of Brussels 

Street photography workshop series with exhibition and magazine 

You love street photography? 

you love strolling in the streets of Brussels?

You want to win the Brussels Street Festival?

This workshops series is just what you're looking for.

Digital and analog photographers, French, Dutch and English speakers unite in this workshops series ending in the publication of a magazine and an exhibition.

6 evening lessons (on street photography and bookmaking)

5 weekend group walks shooting those streets

1 exhibition building moment

1 exhibition opening

1 printed magazine with your photos.

Street photography: Unposed photography of the world around us.

This entire series consists of :

5 or more Street Walks (5 group walks with the teacher and you can do as many individual walks as you like) 

-the street photography course at the Elzenhof from 19 to 21 h.

-Photo talks where we'll discuss your photos from 19 to 21 h.

-we'll organize an exhibition with your best street photos at GC Elzenhof (June 15)*

-We will design our own magazine that will be launched at the opening of the exhibition (June 15)


Tuesday  March 9 2023 lesson at GC Elzenhof from 19 to 21 h. was our first free -get to know-lesson.

Thursday  March 23 at GC Elzenhof from 19 to 21 h. is the second lesson. People who missed first lesson and subscribe will get all info of the first lesson as a pdf or ppt. file.

Sunday  March 26 Walk ?? h (to be discussed)

Sunday April 2 Walk 14-16 h

Thursday  April 20 lesson at GC Elzenhof from 19 to 21 h.

Sunday April 23 Walk 14-16 h

Thursday May 11 lesson at GC Elzenhof from 19 to 21 h.

Saturday May 13 Walk 14-16 h

Sunday May 21 Walk 14-16 h

Thursday May 25 at GC Elzenhof from 19 to 21 h.

Thursday June 8 at GC Elzenhof from 19 to 21 h.

Wednesday June 14 prep expo*

Thursday June 15 *Expo opening 19.00 and launch of our street photography magazine.

*Printing costs for the expo are not included.

Costs for our zine are included in this course (one magazine per student. Extra magazines for sale at the expo for your friends and family)

Your street photography coach Sander de Wilde just loves the streets of Brussels. He publishes his street photographs as @sanderdewildeprints on Insta and was nominated at the Brussels Street Photography Festival few years ago. He will coach you through lessons, talks, and walks through real street photography and bookmaking. You'll even learn about designing an exhibition.

All this for only € 250.-

Reduced price for <21yo students

Buy your ticket here and now

(places are limited)

More info?

Just call me at +32495793922