Hybrid photo 4.0

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Hybride photography? Using both digital and analog techniques in your art.

We are organising another 7 evenings full of  dynamic  photography workshops and an expo at the end.

Thursday nights at 19.00 every few weeks starting 5/10 2023

Analog and Digital, they can live together.

At our workshops, we embrace the essence of creativity by blending traditional photography techniques with cutting-edge advancements in the world of imaging. Our series of 7 workshops will take you on a unique journey through the fascinating realm of photography, from the simplicity of analog pinhole photography to the mind-bending possibilities of AI-generated imaging.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to expand your horizons or a beginner eager to explore the diverse facets of photography, our Hybrid Photography Workshops offer something for everyone. Each workshop is carefully designed to be hands-on, interactive, and inspiring, led by experienced professionals who are passionate about the art and craft of photography.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we blend the old with the new, the analog with the digital, and traditional techniques with cutting-edge innovations. Unleash your creative potential and discover a whole new world of possibilities in photography.

With darkroom experience

This is what the lessons could look like, but it also depends on the class' input.

Workshop 1: "Through the Pinhole" - Rediscover the origins of photography with the simplicity of a pinhole camera. Learn how to craft your own pinhole camera using basic materials and explore the magic of light and composition through this primitive yet captivating method.

Workshop 2: "Film Noir Aesthetics" - Dive into the intriguing world of film noir. Understand the techniques of chiaroscuro lighting, dramatic shadows, and moody atmospheres. Capture the essence of classic cinema and learn how to evoke emotions in your photography.

Workshop 3: "Double Exposure Dreams" - Unleash your creativity through the art of double exposures. Blend two different images into one, producing dreamlike and surreal compositions. Discover how to tell compelling visual stories with this technique.

Workshop 4: "Digital Painting with Light" - Explore the innovative concept of light painting using digital tools. Master long-exposure photography and learn how to create mesmerizing light trails and unique visual effects.

Workshop 5: "Collage Wonders" - Step into the realm of the invisible. Harness the power of collages using your own and found footage.

Workshop 6: "Post-production" You already work on your images in Lightroom and so on. But how about using photoshop, Affiny or Luminar? Or how about working with your hands, a pencil, acid, fire, a sharp object, and damaging your negatives?

Workshop 7: "AI-Enhanced Realities" - Embrace the future of photography with AI-generated imaging. Learn how to utilize artificial intelligence to enhance and transform your images, opening up new frontiers of artistic expression.

DATA Thursdays from 7PM to 9.30 PM GC Elzenhof

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Thursday nights 

19.00 u tot 21.30 u Kroonlaan 12-14 Elsene Brussel

€150 voor 7 workshops, all materials, paper, fill, chemicals  included.

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