the KunstKot mission

KunstKot is a virtual pop up atelier/studio/gallery temporary located at Die Neue Grizzley in Woluwe.

We organise art exhibitions, photography workshops, graphic workshops, street photography walks , gallery shows, etching workshops, and even portrait photography lessons.

Sander, your host.

Hello, I'm originally from Holland but I feel 100% Brusseleer.

I teached sailing and surfing as a young guy, but now I'm a professional photographer and artist, teaching you people photography, digital/analog, and graphic arts like lithography and etching. Also I'm selling art works made by young Belgian artists like myself!-)

For info contact me at info@kunstkot.be or call me.

and you can follow our instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kunstkotart

You can always buy me a coffee

+32(0)495 79 39 22

for workshops, think:

Street photography

Art reproduction photography

product photography

food photography

jewelry photography

Teens workshop

Young adults workshops

Old age workshops

creative workshops

portrait photography

landscape photography

Urbex photography workshops

Business communication workshops

Headshot portrait DIY workshops

360 photography workshops

Architecture photography

Sport photography

Photography gear advise

current location:

Die Neue Grizzley

Die Neue Grizzley, an expo space, artist venue in the Chants Oiseaux neighbourhood of Woluwe Saint Pierre.

Avenue des Alouettes 41

1150 Brussels