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analog photography

learn analog photography!

Develop and print your own Black and White negatives.

6 nights and an exhibition of your work during the summer included!

New series starting Tuesday September 17 2024


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Street photography 

Walk with us in Brussels; walks, talks and better photos

Sunday Walks and Thursday night Talks at GC Elzenhof Brussels.

Starting 17/9/2024) 

ending with a projection expo of your work on the walls of Elsene.


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basis Fotografie cursus NL

In de herfst van 2024 starten we met in nieuwe cursus, fotografie Binnenstebuiten in Lennik

Elke zaterdagochtend vanaf 20 Oktober 2024 komen we samen in een gezellige groep en leren de basis van digitale fotografie in leuke en dynamische workshops.

Deze lessenreeks wordt georganiseerd door Avansa en kost slecht 120  € voor 10 lessen!

Meer info binnenkort. Houdt de website van Avansa in de gaten.

Creatieve intensieve leuke dynamische workshops voor iedereen. Voor beginners en ervaren kunstenmakers.

Lessons are English French or Dutch, depending on the students.

i.s.m. GC Elzenhof, Mylab, en outside Brussels with Avansa Halle Vilvoorde

workshop series by ...

Sander de Wilde is an experienced photographer and teacher. He wants his workshops to be dynamic, original, inspiring and fun, but with a high level of artistic content, for pro-active students. (Dutch/English/French/German)

Street photography /workshop / walks / expo

Analog/Digital photographers welcome

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Portrait photography eng/fr/nl

new series starting 25/1/2024

Hours: 19-21.30 hours Thursday evenings from 25 January 2024

You like to photograph people and apertures have no secrets for you? Do you want to improve your portrait photography with existing- and flashlight? On location and in a (home) studio?

Then this series of workshops is for you.

We dive deeper into the world of portrait photography. We work with models, and between the workshops you will have time to work on an assignments at home.



from 16.6 to 21.9 in the Elzenhof Cultural center Brussels. Come check great street photography and Black and White darkroom prints.

Order that Street photography book for € 19.90 only

over 90 pages of first class street photography by our students. 

Finnisage of the expo on 21/9 in Brussels

28  January 2024 

OPEN Darkroom Day

Print your own B&W pictures

Bring negatives/positives/ objects, vintage film, and BW Paper

(you can also buy sheets on location). 



10 AM to 5 PM

Chambre Noir @Mylab @Colab'

Kitchen Litho

Sander de Wilde is graficus en laat u kennis maken met wondere wereld van de  grafiek. 

(hiervoor spreek je best een klein beetje Nederlands)

i.s.m. AVANSA  & Westrand - Cultuurcentrum te  Dilbeek

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Zeefdruk & Cyanotypie

Experimenteel drukken voor Dummies.

Kom 2 halve dagen experimenteren met beelden en kleuren en maak kennis met zeefdruk en Cyanotypie. 

We combineren in deze workshop beide druktechnieken om een uniek kunstwerk te maken. 

Tekentalent is niet nodig: met foto's, krantenknipsels of ander materialen maak je een persoonlijk ontwerp. Dat drukken we op een papier, een T-shirt, draagtas of kussensloop.


zo 19 maart '23
13:00 - 18:00
Westrand - Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek 

zo 26 maart '23
13:00 - 18:00
Westrand - Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek 

2 halve dag sessies | Standaardprijs: € 60

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i.s.m. AVANSA 

speedcourse PHOTO

learn photography in a speedy unconventional way

started February 14!!

Sold out

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Older workshops down here, will be redone when I feel like it. Keep an eye on our social media. All the workshops can be organised on demand at your company/NGO.

7 evenings of inspiring portrait techniques and tips.

Starting October 2022

Only € 109 or 7 evenings full of activity.

Places are limited.

All info here.

Multilingual workshop.

GC Elzenhof Ixelles Brussels

work by student Jonathan

A series of 7 evenings (3hrs) with inspiring artists and techniques.

Discover 'the other side of photography' using analog en digital techniques.

starting October 2022

€ 109 for 7 evenings 

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Multilingual workshop

GC Elzenhof Ixelles Brussels

2021 PHOTO 

autumn workshops

6/10/2021 until 16/12/2021

Tour a Plomb, center of Brussels.

Adults (Thursday evening)

Young Adults (Wednesday afternoon)


We are organising another 10 weeks of  3 hours photography workshops.

All in French and Dutch.

for young adults Wednesday afternoon and adults on Thursday evening.

Organized by VZW DE BRON.

Located in the beautiful Tour A Plomb in the center of Brussels.

Check the descriptions in detail up in the menu for Autumn workshops.

Spreek je weinig Nederlands? No problemo!!-) Welcome Bienvenue

Summerschool photography Brussels
photography workshops in Brussels


Photo workshop Corona 2020

For young adults we offer a totally free online challenge experience during the Lock Down. 

It's in Dutch and started on March 30 2020.

Check it out on FB or follow this YouTube Channel or IGTV @dewildephotos

For Adults that already followed some courses at the Photoacademy or elsewhere, we offer an online challenge course of 5 times a 1 hour workshop in English.

You log on every day to have a live experience with your teacher.He'll let you learn more about advanced techniques, all while staying safely in your home during the Corona Lock Down!

More info on Picsmentor


Nous organisons 2 séries de 8 séances d'ateliers photo.

Vous pouvez choisir entre notre cours BASIC populaire et le cours de photographie avancé RUES.

En petits groupes, nous allons travailler sur vos compétences en photographie, et faire des exercices stimulants qui vous aideront à faire de meilleures photos.

Bases de l'atelier: ouverture - Lumière - Composition - Portrait - Reportages - Editer



Les cours ont lieu le mercredi soir, toutes les deux semaines. Vous avez donc 2 semaines pour travailler sur les exercises. Leçons seront donné a le Centre Culturel Elzenhof, Ixelles Bruxelles.

Langues parlées: Anglais/ Néerlandais et Français  si souhaité.

pour photographie de rues il y a 5 lecons en classe, 3 ont lieu au centre ville Bruxelles.

Le photographe Sander de Wilde est connu pour son œil journalistique et ses portraits intenses. C'est un professeur expérimenté et ses cours sont amusants et dynamiques.

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Street photography

Learn digital street photography by practice

easter holidays Tuesday and Wednesday 6&7 April 2021

We'll stroll the streets of Brussels. 

With digital cameras, smartphones or anything that can shoot we'll be actively looking for the best light, exposure and compositions of your beloved city.

2 days of intense street photography.

You will learn about the history of street photography.

You will see lots of inspirational street photographers.

You will get loads of advise on better photos.

Atelier: Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels.

Lessons are in English, French and Dutch

Coke printing 

Be an artist using Coca Cola and other print techniques

easter holidays Thursday and Friday 8&9 April 2021

2 days we'll do  intense graphic art workshops.

2 days of learning  how to use some easy graphic techniques like Kitchen Litho, Coke Printing, and Cyanotype.

During this workshop we'll make graphic art using alu foil, empty milk packaging and  we can even use cyanotype and more. The results are astounding, and you'll find out that you don't have to be a drawing master to make beautiful work.

Are you the new Rembrandt?

Come find out.

Atelier: Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels.

Lessons are in English, French and Dutch

Flanders photo week

by photographer Sander de Wilde

#staycation Summer 27/7- 31/7 Flanders 2020

5 days of intense photography workshops in Overijse.

5 days of surprising exercise, fun, culture and nature.

5 days of learning about visualising your ideas and feelings, or just to capture the beauty 

in and around Overijse, Flanders, close to Brussels.

Lessons are in Dutch French and/or English.

Check it out on FB or book instantly on the PicsMentor website

Teenage Summer school Brussels

By photographer Sander de Wilde

#staycation Summer 2020 3/8- 7/8 in Brussels

5 days of surprising workshops for teenagers

Dynamic, fun, intense, running around Brussels, having fun while developing a personal visual language.

Lessons are in English, French and/or Dutch.

Check it out on FB or on the Picsmentor website

photography workshops online during Corona

Brand new in 2020

One week in France.

In the middle of nowhere. August 1st week.

In a very old but comfortable mountain house including all meals and a great teacher!


more info here

photography workshop weekin France


Brussels’ fotograaf Sander de Wilde is gekend om zijn intense portretten en foto-reportages. 

Hij werkt als fotojournalist voor internationale media en werkt aan eigen projecten. Bovendien is hij een inspirerend verteller en houdt hij niet van stilzitten. 

Actie dus, tijdens deze 8 reportage WORKshops.


Lessen vinden plaats op woensdagavonden van 7 tot half 10.

Straatfotografie is vijf lessen in de Elzenhof, 3 x buiten op straat.

Languages spoken : English and Dutch, French and German when necessary.

8 PHOTO  workshops  2019

January - May 2019


We're organising 2 series of 8 photo workshop sessions starting January 2019.

Choose between our popular BASIC course and the advanced STREET photography course.

In small groups we will work on your photography skills, and do challenging exercises that will really help you make better photographs.

Workshop Basics

aperture - Light - Composition - Portrait - Reportages - Editing . Practical and  for all levels! 

A refreshing course for starters, re-starters and even the more experienced photographer.

Fee only  € 120 for 8 dynamic evenings.

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Basic photo course


BECOME a real street hunter in public space.

Fee is only € 120 for 8 DATES

In these five workshops we lean all about the history of street photography and it's most known photographers.

8 evenings full of photography practice, assignments and experiences. With real life models, using available light, flash, studio lights, in color and b&w.

After each lesson you will receive the content of that lesson by e-mail. Work you make can be uploaded to an online Drive.

Communicating with your teacher has never been easier.

Fun and photography, with a gallery exhibition as a final event. Like us on Facebook to know if we do this again.

photo workshop Brussels

B&W analog photography 

Develop and print your own b&w photos

easter holidays Monday and Tuesday 12&13 April 2021

2 days of intense analogue photography. 

2 days of visualising your ideas and feelings in B&W on film.

You can bring your grandmoms' camera, 

or we'll provide you with an analogue camera.

You'll learn how to make great images.

You'll learn how to develop your own films in the dark.

You'll learn how to print your own artwork in a real darkroom.

Atelier: Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels.

Lessons are in English, French and Dutch

Pimp your own T-shirts

Screen printing and cyanotype 

easter holidays Thursday and Friday 15&16 April 2021

2 days of graphical exercises ending up on your own T-shirt. Even if you can't draw, you're an artist!

2 days of fun doing collage, printing on paper or fabric, in bright colours.

Design your logo, image and tell your story. We'll use several screen printing techniques and cyanotype as a way of transferring images on fabric. 

Bring your own t-shirts, pillows, tote bags or socks, and you'll personalise them with your own work.  Bring your pictures, on phone or memory card and we'll transfer it to your preferred medium.

Atelier: Woluwe Saint Pierre, Brussels.

Lessons are in English, French and Dutch