6 PHOTO  workshops  2018


19 sept- 28 november REPO-visual storytelling

Basic course is fully booked now. Sorry!


We're organising 2 series of 6 photo workshop sessions starting September 2018.

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Choose between our popular BASIC course and the advanced REPORTAGE photography course.

In small groups we will work on your photography skills, and do challenging exercises that will really help you make better photographs.

Workshop BasicsBasic course is fully booked now. Sorry!

aperture - Light - Composition - Portrait - Reportages - Editing . Practical and  for all levels! 

A refreshing course for starters, re-starters and even the more experienced photographer.

Fee only  € 90 for 6 dynamic evenings.

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Basic photo course

Workshop REPORTAGE: visual storytelling, events, sequences, collections, found footage, and more.

Fee only € 90 for 6 evenings

Lessons are on wednesday nights, from 7 pm to 9.30 PM every two weeks. So you have time to work on the assignments!-)

Languages spoken : English and Dutch, French and German when necessary.

Photographer Sander de Wilde is known for his journalistic eye and intense portraits.  He's an experienced teacher and his classes are fun and dynamic.

All courses will be at the Cultural Center of Elsene, Brussels. 

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only € 90.- All ages, all languages

photo workshop Brussels

6 evenings full of photography practice, assignments and experiences. With real life models, using available light, flash, studio lights, in color and b&w.

After each lesson you will receive the content of that lesson by e-mail. Work you make can be uploaded to an online Drive.
Communicating with your teacher has never been easier.

Fun and photography, with a gallery exhibition as a final event. Like us on Facebook to know if we do this again.

Our workshops are hands-on. Seeing and doing are the only way to develop your photography skills and reach new levels.


Nous organisons 2 séries de 6 séances d'ateliers photo.
Vous pouvez choisir entre notre cours BASIC populaire et le cours de photographie avancé REPORTAGE.

En petits groupes, nous allons travailler sur vos compétences en photographie, et faire des exercices stimulants qui vous aideront à faire de meilleures photos.

Basic course is fully booked now. Sorry!
Bases de l'atelier: ouverture - Lumière - Composition - Portrait - Reportages - Editer

Atelier Repo: rencontrer des histoires avec vos photos.

Les cours ont lieu le mercredi soir, toutes les deux semaines. Vous avez donc 2 semaines pour travailler sur les exercises. Leçons seront donné a le Centre Culturel Elzenhof, Ixelles Bruxelles.

Langues parlées: Anglais/ Néerlandais et Français  si souhaité.

Le photographe Sander de Wilde est connu pour son œil journalistique et ses portraits intenses. C'est un professeur expérimenté et ses cours sont amusants et dynamiques.

reportage photography workshops


Brussels’ fotograaf Sander de Wilde is gekend om zijn intense portretten en foto-reportages. 
Hij werkt als fotojournalist voor internationale media en werkt aan eigen projecten. Bovendien is hij een inspirerend verteller en houdt hij niet van stilzitten. 

Actie dus, tijdens deze 6 reportage WORKshops.
Er zijn nog enkele plaatsen voor de visual storytelling workshops. 

Maak een mooie serie, documentaire, kunst serie, of edit je reisverhaal. T kan allemaal, tijdens deze unieke workshop. 

Lessen vinden plaats op woensdagavonden van 7 tot half 10.

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Languages spoken : English and Dutch, French and German when necessary.